What is Chiropractic?

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Health-care without drugs or invasive surgery
The human body is truly a magnificent creation (as is all of nature). The design is perfect indeed, and built into all the complex systems of the body is the ability to express vibrant health. Chiropractic is a healthcare approach, which naturally releases the inborn healing capacity of people of all ages, from infants to senior citizens. It has been shown in scientific studies to dramatically improve people’s energy, mental focus, organ function, physical flexibility and strength, emotional stability, and overall quality of life. Started in America by Dr. Daniel Palmer in 1895, chiropractic has grown and today boasts over 70 000 doctors (chiropractors) in the USA alone. The success of chiropractic has made it the largest licensed natural healthcare profession in the world. It is completely drug-free, all natural, no needles and has NO side effects.

What do chiropractors do?
Chiropractors work as “health coaches” to assist people to achieve a higher level of vitality, wellness, and human performance. The focus is always on the spine because that is the gateway through which the brain sends its nerves out to the rest of the body. The spine supports and protects the nervous system, allowing for clear reception of impulses along the nerve channels to the organs. Utilising specialised spinal analysis and chiropractic adjustment techniques, chiropractors “adjust” the spine to its optimal position for optimal health of the nervous system. The adjustments are gentle procedures that are performed by hand and most people actually enjoy getting adjusted. The adjustments are quick, painless and very relaxing.

People seek chiropractic care for three main reasons:

  • HEALTH REASONS: Some have a disease, condition, pain or problem (e.g. headaches, back and neck pain, difficulty sleeping, asthma, high stress, etc.) and have heard that chiropractic can help them.
  • PREVENTION: There are those who know that if they participate in regular chiropractic care, they will be healthier for a lifetime. This helps to prevent many problems from starting in the first place.
  • IMPROVING THEMSELVES: There are those who understand that if they can be physically healthier they will then be mentally healthier, and in that way relate to themselves, others and the environment in a better way. These individuals seek to improve themselves through chiropractic care (e.g. athletes, workers, students, personal development, etc.).

Constantly strive toward self-improvement

We have been given the gift of life and health (at whatever level it may be). It is our duty to always work towards developing and improving ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. You don’t need to have a problem or be sick in order to see a chiropractor. You may be healthy, but you can always be healthier. People have been wrongly taught to wait until there is a problem and then react by trying to “treat” it. You will never be better than you are now if you are first waiting to get worse before doing anything about it. Chiropractic care can certainly help people who are sick, but the greatest benefit will come from regular chiropractic adjustments when you are well. No person knows how long you may live, but your life will certainly be more fulfilling and enjoyable if you are blessed with good health.

Calling all future chiropractors
There is a great need for chiropractors in the world and especially in South Africa. If you enjoy working with your hands, helping people, travelling and are motivated to work hard with your heart and soul, then you could be a future chiropractor. If you are considering a career as a doctor of chiropractic, speak to your chiropractor about it. They would be happy to advise and assist you.

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Chiropractic is the largest licensed natural healthcare profession in the world.

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