Spinal Exercises

Natural Stress Relief

Enjoy these stress busters for spinal and neurological health. Focus on your spine and good upright posture (ears over shoulders over hips in a straight line). Breathe deeply and easily from your “belly.” Move smoothly and freely. These activities are for relatively healthy individuals, who do not have unstable spines or other limitations to spinal movement.

1 Sky Reaches

Inhale deeply as you stretch your spine and raise your hands (individually/alternating) for spinal mobilisation and mechano-receptor activation (20 seconds)

2 Picking Apples

Continue carrying the arm motion across your torso alternating arms (20 seconds).

3 Hummingbirds

(For reduction of stooped thoracic kyphosis)
With arms held out to your sides, palms facing forward, circle your shoulders backward and upward. Bring your shoulder blades together. Raise and lower your hands and bend your spine laterally to each side. Emphasise chest expansion and deep inhalation (20 seconds).

4 Trap Openers

Allow your head to hang loosely forward. Breathe deeply and slowly from the belly region. Massage the muscles at the base of your head and then work down the back of your neck to your shoulder blades. Take some time on trigger points (40 seconds).

5 Just Hangin’

With your feet shoulder width apart allow your torso to slowly fall forward. Let your arms and head hang loosely. You may sway gently stretching your lower back and hamstrings. Not for folks who get dizzy easily. (20 seconds).

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